Q: What if I can't find someone?
A: Additional contact information for each campus is listed in their respective yellow pages: UNK, UNL, UNMC, UNO, University Central Administration.
Q: Some of my information is incorrect (name, title, department, campus address and phone number, and degree information), how do I get these items corrected?
A: Incorrect information should be reported to your department PAF/PDF Coordinator.
Q: Where does this information come from and how often is it updated?
A: The information behind this directory application comes from the SAP Human Resource system. This information is refreshed every Saturday.
Q: I just made a change to my information through the ESS system, why aren’t these changes showing up in the directory?
A: The database behind the directory application is only updated once a week, on Saturday, when we do a new pull of the information from the SAP system. If you wait until Sunday or after the weekend, you should see the changed information.
Q: I’m an active employee but my name is not coming up in the initial lookup?
A: A majority of the time this is due to a problem in a person’s appointment data, you will need to contact your department PAF/PDF Coordinator to get this corrected in the SAP system.

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